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“Zai Lai Yi Ge” “Take one More”Are we picture perfect?

Yini posing in front of a Tea House in Tianjin downtown

With all that social media shows us in terms of beauty standards, it’s no surprise to find multiple tools, apps, or programs that work wonders in enhancing the prettiness of people or places. With the advanced technology put into phone cameras and all the creative “beauty apps” out there, we can confidently snap a photo or two and look our best in just a click.

Here in China, these types of apps are so popular. Anywhere you go, you will see people posing to capture the perfect selfie. But what makes a great picture? Some of my friends, including myself, would strike many poses or have many takes to get a satisfying photo. What do we expect from that picture? Well, happy and pretty looks, no rolls, neat clothes, the right lighting, and of course, that youthful look!

I spoke with two of my dear Chinese friends who enjoy using beauty cams. They not only want to look good but want to feel good, healthy, and energetic, so beauty to them it’s not only about the looks but maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well.

First take for Sarah with the regular phone camera, the second take with the beauty cam

Sarah posing with a pretty sunset in the background. Can you tell regular phone camera from beauty cam?

Sarah is a mother of 4. In her spare time she enjoys going out to eat and of course, taking photos of her outings. Sarah loves recording the moments she is out having a good time with friends. She likes using Beauty Plus and Meitu to achieve the desired images. Sarah tells me that she likes to document through pictures, the times she is enjoying life. It’s also a way for her to see how she looked at those times. This motivates her to continue taking care of herself to compile memories of a healthy life.


Yini is a mother of 3, like Sarah, she also enjoys documenting her life through photos and keeping memories of the happy good times. Yini likes to record these moments from her beauty cam. Even though phone cameras have advanced to picture the most intricate details, Yini doesn’t like how these cameras, especially of the iPhones, show up all her imperfections. But besides looking beautiful, Yini also puts time into working out and staying active.

First photo with the regular phone camera, second photo with the beauty cam

Yini loves looking her best always. Keeping a positive attitude, avoiding junk food, and working out regularly bring happiness to her. Yini says, “I keep telling myself that I am not old yet, I can still be active and do things as younger people do.”

Whether we want it or not, we are becoming more aware of our imperfections. These new tricks in cameras although fun to play with, are making us self-conscious and at times, unhappy with how we look in real life. Regardless of that, we want to keep those perfect pictures in our memory. And, how about you, do you like using beauty cams?


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